12 August 2011

Frankenweenie Tour:

This time yesterday I went on a 5 hour drive down to London, were i visited 3 Mills studios. Once there I got a one on one tour by an animation friend who is working on Frankenweenie the new Stop Motion film by Tim Burton.
While i was there i got to see all the sets, puppets and workshops used for the film including some almost completed scenes from the film its self. As i signed a confidentiality form I’m not allowed and will not be going into anymore details about what i saw.

But I will say this was an amazing experience and one I will not be forgeting any time soon, and a massive thank you to Chuck Duke for giving me the tour.

Every Stop motion fan must keep an eye out for Frankenweenie its going to a fantastic film!!
 Me outside the studio 

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MMH said...

Cor, you lucky so-and-so! I'm green with envy ;D