28 March 2010

Building the old woman’s house

Photos of building the old woman’s house its still a ongoing set but will keep you all updated with more pics

This set is made out of MDF wood and cardboard

this is the 1st of 3 sets that are neded for the old House so keep eyes out 4 new pics soon

as i have 2 weeks off college work next week!!!:D

14 March 2010

My First try at CG Animation

As part of my college work I had to do some CG Animation with a ball I deseeded to make a short story around it and here is what a came up with what do you all think? P.S I will not be taking up CG animation, Stop Motion 4 ever!!!!

New Viv & Mandy Photos

last Tuesdays I had a 2hr photo shoot with Viv & Mandy got some rely gd photos done for the final posters here is some of the photos but you will have to wait to see the final posters

7 March 2010

Viv & Mandy clip

here is a new traler from Viv & Mandy

this animation was shot on a blue screen set there are some photos of behind scens :D

this is the street set i will be working, if you look at house 6 you can see why they called for the help of Viv & Mandy

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my Blog

My name is Daniel James

I have been making Stop Motion animations at home in my free time since I was thirteen years old. After showing my work to teachers at school they nominated me for a Vibe Award - Best in Art & Design 2005, which I won. After that I went on to win a Best of Darlington Award - Against All Odds in 2006 for the same set of animations.

When at college in 2007, I had a meeting with a member of the Prince’s Trust to discuss funding. They agreed to give me up to £1000 to make a short animated film based on Health and Safety starring my characters Viv and Mandy that will be shown in schools visited by that the Prince’s Trust. I’m working on that alongside my college work and plan to finish this year. In 2008 I also won a Top College Award at the Skills Expo for a new Stop Motion short film I did at home for a college project in 2007.

On here I will be posting images and telling you all how the production of my animations are going