8 October 2011

Conflict of self university project:

I have being double busy over this last summer as well as working on Viv & Mandy Part2 i have being working on my conflict of self summer project for university.

This project was given before i left university for the summer break, for this we had to fill out a 30 page sketchbook with one half full of designs using good attributes from my personality. With the other half full of bad attributes of my personality.

My bad attributes: 

When I started this project I was working on the bad attributes first, as I felt I could do that side faster as I knew there would be so many different ways to take it. 

 Here are some of my drawings that show the design process I did

Settled on a design I liked I started working on different variations on the way the skin and muscle texture could look on this design.

Using the design I did a final 3 way turnaround on paper, from this I did 3D sculpt of the character in clay.

Taking the sculpt into photo shop I did 4 different variations of the colour scheme. 

Choosing the best bits from them to make this final design. 

My good attributes:

Now that my bad side was completed it was time for me to repeat the same process, this time to reflect the good attributes of my personality.

And there are the final two sides of my personality, the next step for me is to start working on the fully articulated puppet versions of them, so keep an eye out for upcoming posts were I will show how the making of these new puppets goes.


Dean said...

Good Dan and Evil Dan - great characters. It was interesting to see the process of how you developed them.

Evil Dan reminds me of something/someone. I think it's a mixture of Hulk and someone else.

Well done getting in the festival.

Daniel James Animations said...

thanks Dean! will you be going to any festivals this year?

its funny a mate told me the hulk to, when i was working on it i was thinking more on the lines of the wicked witch of the west. :D