19 July 2010

I meant to say this in my last post

It’s hard to remember what I did over a 2 week period and here are things I forgot to put in my last post. On a Saturday I had a recording session with the woman who will be play the old woman (Catherine) and also with the girl who is playing a little girl who lives on the street. On Monday I will be have a second recording session getting the voices for the little boy will be with the little girl and I will also recording new lines for Viv & Mandy.

I also meant to say you may have spotted that the layout of this blog has had some changes made to it. Not all the pages have been fully set up yet but the photo gallery and concept art pages will be updated soon. So keep coming back and cheeking for any updates to them pages and the production of the all new Viv & Mandy.

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