11 October 2013


Hi guys i would like to show you this grate campaign for a new animated short, Kernowland a Stop Motion Adventure, Based on the popular children's books by Jack Trelawnys and directed by my very good Friend Zeke Ares. 
I first meat Zeke in my first year at university and over his last to years we got to work on a number projects together including been the co-director on his final film Surge witch you can see below.

SURGE from zeke ares on Vimeo.
As you can see form Surge Zeke has a grate mind for details, large scale story's and directing. Zeke has spent the last year building up a team on brilliantly talented people in-order for him to bring his full vision of Kernowland to the stop motion screen.
But don't just take my word for it come and check out the crowed finding funding page 

For new and up to date news come and like the Facebook page 
Subscribe to the YouTube Channel so you can see the I believe in Kernowland videos 

I know I speak for Zeke and myself in saying we believe there is great potential in this project so
 please please donate if you can and please do feel free to pass the links around!
Let's do this!
I believe in Kernowland!!

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