20 November 2010

Animation Encounters Bristol

 This week I got to go to my first animation festival, and the Animation Encounters in Bristol was an amazing one to start off with. I went with my guys from my class mates from Staffs uni from Wednesday to Friday.
On Wednesday we went to see the brilliant film / documentary.

Waking Sleeping Beautywas about how the Disney Animation studios almost were shut down and how they pulled it back to the top.

On Thursday I got to go to 5 different screenings / master classes.

Emerging Animation Talent 1. BBC Shorts. Master class: Stop-Frame in 3D. Best of British Animation. South West Animation.

On Friday i got to go to a further 4 different screenings / presentations.

Short & Sweet 3D. Preparing for the Market. Emerging Animation Talent 2. BAFTA presentation by Andy Serkis.

As well as going all these brilliant events, we all could go around and chat to ever 1, which was really good as they all give you advice on what sites to join and how to make the most of your time when at uni. 

When I was walking out from seeing ‘Waking Sleeping Beauty' i looked over and i spotted Peter Lord heading out. I decided ill never get a chance like this and i just walked over to him and said hello, told him who i was and that he may recognised me from twitter. he said “oh it’s you!” and i chatted to him for a while, and then gave him 1 of my business cards. We shook hands and i said it was great to finally meet him and introduce myself face to face to him.

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jriggity said...

sounds like a great time man!