26 September 2010

Sorry for the delay it’s been a manic 4 weeks!!!

Well where do I begin it’s been a mental 4 weeks iv been editing, animating, packing, resetting computers and moving out of my house and in to my uni room, Well I will start off from where my last post left of, editing on Part 1 of Viv & Mandy had been going very well I had all the music and back ground FX in place.

As the editing was going so well I decided to get on with some on the animating on Part 2. As the hallway set was the only 1 that is 100% completed I made up my mind to shot as much of the scenes that were on that set. The thing I animated was a big wide shot were the old woman walks over to Mandy.

This was a small scene up a good little one to get back animating with, as there was no dialog I really got to add a character in the way she walked over. The second scene I got to animate was with Mandy moving all the piles of newspapers into 1 big pile.

This agene was a scene with no dialog in it so I got to do a good bit of acting with Mandy. This seen took me 4 hours to animate and lasted 11 seconds, I may need to do some pick up on it off. I exported the 2 shots and when you go and add them in to a new editing document but when I did things went very very wrong.

I opened up a new document and put in the video files and when to go press play and nothing happened, so I closed it and restarted and nothing still was happing. Then I fort “Oh NO” and I when to go check on the final cut of Viv & Mandy part 1 and the software refused to play the footage back! So thing I’ve lost everything I uninstalled and reinstalled the program 7 times to try and get it to work and I was having no look what so ever.

The only thing I could think of was wiping the computer back to its factory settings. This ideas had to be put on hold as I then had to spend all my time getting reedy to go to Staffs Uni were I will be doing a full time Stop Motion animation course the only 1 in the UK.

When I finally got in to my room and 3 days without a fully working internet conetion I used my recovery discs and restore my laptop to it factory settings. The next 3 night were spending installing update and all my programs agene. The good news is I have not got my editing software working now and I can carry on editing on Viv & Mandy Part 1.

I showed the rough cut of Viv & Mandy to my course leader and he really liked and has given me permission to carry on with the production of part 2 and maybe ethane part 3 while doing my in work in my free time. So in about 2 weeks I will have to arrange a big trip back home to clear out the work shop and bring all the sets down to Stoke on Trent.

In more good new now I have the edit program full working agene I will be work really mad to try and get Viv & Mandy part 1 finished by the end of October; I will right a special blog post with a poster and a date closer to the time of completion.

Sorry agene for the big long delay in this post and come back in 2 week and find out how things are going with my Uni work and the production of Viv & Mandy

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Vincent Tétreault said...

The props and the sets are very cool. I specially like the newpapers.