24 February 2014

Soldering Armatures

Earlier in the mouth I got to try out soldering a ball and socket armature. Using the armature parts from AnimationToolkit I cleaned them all up with nail polish remover to remove the dirt and grease so they can fuse together perfectly. Using the silver solder and flux kit and a chefs gas torch I started heating up and soldering away
It took me a just under 3 hours to compete the full Armature, I found soldering the ball and bar sections to be relatively easy. The joint sections took a longer time to heat up and a bit tricky to apply the solder to at times. The most tricky parts I found for me were the feet plates because of the size and shape of them. 
Once all the parts were soldered together I cleaned them up in vinegar to get the burnt scorch marks off and built up the armature itself. I have to say that soldering an armature is brilliant it feels so solid and much more professional, I will be doing this with all my armatures from now on and I cannot wait to get animating this fella!! 

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Unknown said...

Hello Daniel, i was just wondering where you acquire such parts. i have looked everywhere and cannot seem to find the correct items. if you could help me in locating such things it would be GREATLY appreciated!