28 October 2012

Viv & Mandy to have a second outing to the Flip Animation Festival!

Exiting news everyone, you may remember that last October Viv & Mandy in the Big Clean up Part 1 was screened as part of the Flip International Animation Festival? Well I’m very happy to say that Viv & Mandy in the Big Clean up Part 2 will be getting screened at this year’s Flip animation festival on the 2nd of November!
I’m very excited by this news and really looking forward to seeing Part 2 on the big screen in a room full of animation lovers who may even remember seeing Part 1 last year. I’m very grateful to the people at Flip for once again give this me and Viv & Mandy this opportunity, thank you very much!

This year’s Flip is going to be very cool as we have 5 different short films from graduates from my university also been screened, so a big congratulations to all of them as well!! For more information about the Flip International Animation look at http://www.flipfestival.co.uk/ to book tickets and see what great things they have going on there this year.
And for anyone who is going to flip come say hi or let me know as I want to meet as many of my online animation mates face to face, and you can even have your very own Viv & Mandy badge :D


Rob said...

Nice Daniel! This is great news!

Daniel James Animations said...

thanks very much Rob mate! :D