5 April 2012

Viv & Mandy in the big clean up part 2 is coming!

Good news everyone! All the editing on Viv & Mandy In the big clan up part 2 is now fully completed and is all ready for its online release next week on the 12th of April. 

I have been given the opportunity by Marc Spess form animateclay.com to have the first online screening of Part 2 during their weekly animators live chat. I will be showing parts 1 and 2 back to back, showing photos form the making of, giving out some behind the scenes information and will also be taking any questions from the viewers. 

The animateclay live chat will take place on Thursday the 12th of April at the UK time of 2am. i hope to see some of you guys there but if you can’t as I know it is late the film will be online to everyone straight after! 

Once the film is released i have a ton of information, behind the scenes and making of images to show you all that I will be posting on here over the upcoming weeks. 


Bagi80 said...

Ooooo! Can't wait, wish I could hit up the live show but 2am is pretty late for me, I'll try and stay awake for it though! :)

Daniel James Animations said...

it be good if you can but like i said thefilm will be there right after and pics will be posted soon :D

Dean said...

Excellent news, Dan.

I always try to rush home from work in time for the show, an
d usually get there halfway through.

I'll rush even more this week :)