9 May 2010

keeping the production on Viv & Mandy going

I have been very busy with college work but I have still managed to keep the production on Viv & Mandy going. I have animated a wide shot on the street of a man mowing his lawn and van parking up.

This week I also completed making the new boy and girl puppets that will have a small part in bulling up the mystery of the old woman’s house to Viv & Mandy.

The script is very near completion as of now it is 14 pages and a 2429 worlds long. It is shaping up well and I’m confident it will fill my expiations on how I wan this animation to be.

Check back agene in 2 weeks time for a new update and news on the production of Viv & Mandy

Until then pleas do follow me on twitter for daily updates.

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