11 April 2010

What a week!!

Its been a very bizzy week finally with 2 weeks off college iv been spending all my time on Viv & Mandy and getting as much done as I can.

I went to B&Q to get some wood for a new set of the large scale house I won’t be starting work on the building of that set till next week. When I out I also when to town and got some ink for my printer to print off logos for the van. When home I stated working on finishing off all the sets that I will be using this week. Here are some pics of the set and van that got completed this week.

After taking up the finished sets from yesterday into the work shop. I started work on very complicated scene it only last for 1.5 seconds but took a whole day to. I won’t tell you what it’s for because you will have wait and see but here some pics of that vey long day of shooting.

After the long day yesterday I now had to animate the shot that follows on from the last one. This shot was animated in the same way so it was a full day of animation ahead.

Today was a full day in the work shop agene animating all the shot with the van getting ready to drive out the building to the house. I shot the van driving out about 4 times from as many angels as I could get.

As all the shot with van getting ready were completed I had to clear out the work shop completely and start on rebuilding the old Hogsmeat Lane set that has been stored away from over a year. This took longer then I thought as part had to be repainted and rebuild.

With Hogmeat Lane all rebuilt I started animating the van driving down it from as many angels as I could. I all stated using my large tripod for the camera so I could get nice big shot of the street showing off as much as I could.

To day I animated the postman walking down the street. This shot was a retake as I was never happy with the way he walked. Now this shot has been shot agene I am rely happy with the final walk.

So as you can see its been a very bizzy week and I still have one more off so hoping I can get lots done in the week to keep look out for next weeks post with more pics and info on the production of Viv & Mandy.

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